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TugaPower P 13.0
Build 24/03/2019 #OPO

TugaPower ROM G+

Telegram Group:

#TugaPower PIE 9.0.0_r34 13.0 LineageOS #laos #OnePlus

If you have some spare bucks consider donating, it will be really appreciated:

If you are on other base rom, best practice is to factory reset prior to flash rom and new gapps.
After this steps if rom does not boot, probably you are encrypted, remove encryption and repeat the steps.
If after removing encryption rom still does not boot, make a factory reset again after flashing rom and gapps, then all will be fine.

Please be sure you are using one TWRP that can handle firmware flash
Advise to use latest official TWRP

Also be sure you are using proper firmware.

Relative to gapps, the advised ones is nano package ( ARM):

Replaced built in OTA by OTA Updates app ( )
OTA updates supported
Browser removed and replaced by latest TugaBrowser ( built in OTA for the Browser ) ( blocks ads and protect privacy)
TugaBrowser ->
Support out of the box to microG GmsCore ( )
No more need to make microG system app
PoGO: Gonna catch then all
Powered by Magisk root stable version
Support to NetHunter
Support to kcal color control
Busybox by @osm0sis
Charging inproved
Three fingers screenshot
Expanded volume rocker ( thanks to @AgentFabulous )
Direct unlock with face unlock enabled, lock screen options

What does not works:

Let me know to add to secod post

Changelog: TugaPower P 13.0

Added expanded volume rocker (thanks to AgentFabulous)
Added option to disable the direct unlock with face unlock enabled
Fixed NFCPay

Project name: android_frameworks_base
Prevent NFE in SystemUI when parsing invalid int
Prevent NFE in SystemUI when parsing invalid int (2)
Prevent NFE in SystemUI when parsing invalid int
SystemUI: Fix FORCE_SHOW_NAVBAR handling on user switch
Clean up screenshot if nothing selected
IMMS should preserve selected IME upon boot
Add bluetooth icon.

Project name: android_frameworks_av
Request to reset effect buffer in clearInputBuffer
Revert "effects: fix volume burst on pause/resume with AudioFX"

Project name: android_frameworks_native
Respect source crop when capturing layers.
libgui: add docs to geometry states and captureScreen
surfaceflinger: fix captureScreen for landscape LCM
surfaceflinger: improve RenderArea needsFiltering
surfaceflinger: respect install orientation in DisplayRenderArea
surfaceflinger: add install orientation to DisplayDevice
surfaceflinger: make mPrimaryDisplayOrientation static
surfaceflinger: clean up captureScreen
surfaceflinger: silence some RenderArea errors
surfaceflinger: fix race conditions in captureScreen
surfaceflinger: remove ISurfaceComposer.h from RenderArea
surfaceflinger: reorder width and height in RenderArea ctor
surfaceflinger: documents RenderArea
Revert "Revert screenshot changes to exclude black cutout"
Revert "APP may display abnormally in landscape LCM"

Project name: android_vendor_lineage
Add APN ION Mobile & APN for Roaming
config: Remove duplicate keyguard.no_require_sim prop
overlay: Move managed profiles overlay to frameworks/base
kernel: Use build-image-kernel-modules instead of copying it
kernel: Use a macro for kernel build targets
kernel: Detect kernel module usage better
kernel: Move kernel module dir cleanup/creation to module install target
kernel: Move full kernel build guard flag below all targets
kernel: Add more threads to kernel build process

Project name: android_packages_apps_Snap
Snap: Fix picture size preference

Project name: android_packages_apps_Trebuchet
Lint fix: Invalid vector path in horizontal_ellipsis

Project name: android_packages_apps_Bluetooth
Update Bluetooth to use adaptive icon.

Project name: android_packages_apps_Nfc
NfcNci: make T3T/Nfc-F HCE optional

Project name: android_hardware_qcom_display
hwc: Handle validateAndSet failures in AD prepare call

Project name: android_hardware_qcom_display
display-hals: Allow building libdisplayconfig

Project name: android_hardware_qcom_audio

Project name: android_system_core
Fix path for treble default prop
storaged: change log level for health HAL calls

Project name: android_system_vold
increase timeout for waiting on block device

Thanks all for the support.


MD5: d329d76795b4bd0a9d8efd7eede78d50

Please dont mirror for now the roms zips, thanks

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