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Tugapower P15
TugaPower P 15.0 13/04/2019

MD5: b224e9ce92af4bc819fc3e706d09c5ab

Project name: android
April security update

Project name: android_frameworks_base
Audio assets: add NFC sounds
Exclude Emergency Dialer from recent app list.
NotificationManagerService: do not use flashing API for staying always on

Project name: android_vendor_lineage
config: Include old AOSP alarms/notifications/ringtones
images: Add 420dpi symlink

Project name: android_build
build: Include instead of

Project name: android_system_core
healthd: make periodic battery status a debug message

Project name: android_bootable_recovery
recovery: show text during install
recovery: always create emulated volume if we fail to detect fs

Update bluetooth drawable
Rotation related corrections
Add back ACCELEROMETER_ROTATION_ANGLES and update references

Project name: android_lineage-sdk
sdk: notification: allow forcing notification color for preview
Revert "lineage-sdk: Add ACCELEROMETER_ROTATION_ANGLES to system settings"

Project name: android_packages_apps_LineageParts
LightSettingsDialog: add bundle extras for preview color and duration
LightSettingsDialog: create and use notification channel
LightSettingsDialog: remove unused OnColorChangedListener
Move the rotation setting to the "normal" SettingsProvider

Project name: android_packages_services_Telecomm
Change UI to be consistency with dialer settings light M2 theme

Project name: android_packages_services_Telephony
Change UI styles to match dialer settings light M2 theme
Disable EmergencyDialer multi window mode
Fix EmergencyDialer UI when display size change

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