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Fix Google Play showing old app and missing apps

1- Magisk Hide props from Magisk Repository

2- Terminal Emulator, either enable the one from dev options on phone or install from play store, advise to use Terminal Emulator from Play store.

After installing the magisk module reboot your phone.

Fire up Terminal and type props comand:

[Image: VRjSksr.jpg]

Over the next window type 1, enter

[Image: dacH0Wg.jpg]

Type f, enter

[Image: 9GfP1nG.jpg]

Type 3, enter

[Image: qsjKNmC.jpg]

Type 13, enter

[Image: FvTqVbq.jpg]

Type y, enter

[Image: JdgbKgB.jpg]

Type the option to reboot and is all done, enjoy your play store working again as expected.

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